Brief information about the Club, it's history and how to join.

As the site is new there will be many changes in the near future, so keep visiting to see the latest. If you have any up to date information or suggestions for the web-site, please email the webmaster, Mike Simpson, HERE

Page updated : Wed 21st Nov 2018


The Club is located in Wilfred Place, Ashby de la Zouch, just off Station Road and near the Royal Hotel. There is a Car Park for the use of Members and guests.

For a Streetmap view see HERE

How to Join

An application form is available from the Club. Complete it and return it to the Steward at the address below with the Membership Fee (£40 or £20 if aged over 65).

Within a short time your application will be considered by the Committee.
If approved, you will be issued with a Membership Card. Subscriptions are renewable each January.

If you wish to visit the Club before making a formal application please contact the Steward and a visit will be arranged.

Car Parking

Please note that the Club car parking facilities are for the use of members of Ivanhoe Social Club only. Use by non-members is not allowed. To assist the Committee in managing this, will members please display a copy of their membership card prominently in the windscreen whenever they use the car park. The Committee will be taking action against non-members using the car park without permission.

WiFi at the Club

Free WiFi is now operating at the Club for members use. Please inquire at the Bar for the pass-codes.

The Committee

The Club is run by a Committee of hard working individuals who ensure that the Club is run in a proper manner for the long-term benefit of all members. If you wish to be nominated to join this happy band, please talk to one of the current Committee members.

The Committee Members elected on 31st October 2018 are as follows:

Position Name Contact details
President Mike Wilkinson -
Chairman Eddie Wild -
Secretary Alan Newbold -
Treasurer Ian Robey email : ian@robeyone.co.uk
Trustee George Cawkwell email : george.cawkwell@ntlworld.com
Trustee Ron Birkin -
Trustee Richard Watson -
Committee Member Paul Fern -
Committee Member Barry Fieldsend -
Committee Member Ivan Hallam -
Committee Member C Mistry -
Committee Member Robert Nash -
Committee Member Neil Roberts -
Committee Member Shawn Roberts -
Committee Member Mike Simpson email : mikes602@gmail.com
Committee Member Richard Waldrum -
Committee Member Gerald Wright -

The Ivanhoe Social Club Website

The website of Ivanhoe Social Club started in May 2014. It's purpose is to keep members up-to-date with the latest news and events, and also to encourage new members to join.

It is the intention to expand the site as time progresses. So please keep visiting to catch up with the latest about your Club.

The site will be updated on a regular basis whenever there is new information to publish. Check the date in the header of each page to see the last update. If you have any up to date information or suggestions for the site, please email the webmaster, Mike Simpson, HERE.

At the top of each page are the FOUR links to the main pages, Home, Events, News & About. On the right hand side of all pages except the Events page there are sub-menus :

  • This Page to navigate around the current page
  • Other Pages to link to pages about specific subjects. There is a Snooker Page and a link to the Chess website. In time, there may be other separate pages for Darts, as an example. There is a page for the Club Rules where a printable copy can be downloaded.
  • Links for links to other web-sites of interest.

The Home Page is the link to the rest of the site.

The Events Page lists the dates of events scheduled in the future, with brief information where available.

The News Page shows the latest news about the Club and members.

The About Page gives information about the Club, it's location and how to Join.

Where appropriate, links within text take you directly to that subject. These are highlighted in blue. For example, there is a link in a new tab to the Home Page HERE.

At the bottom of each page is the contact information for the Club and the normal opening times.