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Snooker & Billiards Competitions 2017

Entry forms are available from behind the bar for entry into the 2017 Ivanhoe Club Competitions. Entry fees are £1 per competition and £2 (2 x £1) for doubles competition entry. Closing date for entry forms and fees to be handed in behind the bar is Sunday 3rd September.

Sports Committee-
Barry Fieldsend, George Cawkwell.

Snooker & Billiards Competitions 2016

  • Snooker Championship Singles
    for latest results see HERE
  • Snooker Doubles Handicap
    for latest results see HERE
  • Billiards Handicap
    for latest results see HERE
  • Stan Crane Trophy (over 60's)
    for latest results see HERE
  • Snooker Singles Handicap
    To be played on Mon 7th & Wed 9th November, draw on the night. See HERE

Clive Glover Memorial Handicap Snooker Tournament

Held on Thursday 21st April 2016

CGCompetitors                           The competitors

Winner & RU
Winner Gareth Dolman
                   Runner-up Jason Pickering

Snooker & Billiards Competitions 2015

Finals Night was held on 5th December 2015. Results:

  • Snooker Championship Singles
    Winner Ian Rennocks, see HERE
  • Snooker Doubles Handicap
    Winners Ivan Birkin & Ant Moore, see HERE
  • Snooker Singles Handicap
    Winner Mick Kirk, see HERE
  • Billiards Handicap
    Winner Jason Pickering, see HERE
  • Stan Crane Trophy (over 60's)
    Winner Alan Orpwood, see HERE

Check this page for announcements for the 2016 Tournament

Daniel Blunn - World
Snooker Disability Champion

Daniel Blunn

Congratulations to ISC member Daniel Blunn who recently won the World Open Snooker Disability Championship. Daniel Blunn


Snooker & Billiards Competition 2015


2015_Finalists                         The 2015 Finalists

Presentation Night Friday 11th December 2015 :

Ian_Rennocks_S15 A_Moore-Sru15  Snooker Singles Winner            Runner-up
        Ian Rennocks                    Ant Moore
       Winner for the
    sixth year in a row

I_Birkin_A_Moore_SD15 A_Moore_M_Kirk_SDru15 Snooker Doubles Winners          Runners-up
        Ivan Birkin &                  Ian Rennocks &
          Ant Moore                        Mick Kirk

M_Kirk_SSH15                                Snooker Singles Handicap
              Winner                        Runner-up
            Mick Kirk                         S Tagg

J_Pickering_B15 G_Cawkwell_Bru15       Billiards Winner                    Runner-up
     Jason Pickering               George Cawkwell

A_Orpwood_SC15 G_Cawkwell_SCru15 Stan Crane Trophy Winner          Runner-up
       Alan Orpwood               George Cawkwell